Electric Forklifts vs LPG Forklifts

Posted by Will Valdes on Nov 2nd 2020

Electric Forklifts, let's begin with cost of ownership, electric forklifts require far less maintenance on fewer parts.  The one major downside being the battery, industrial batteries are expensive and require scheduled preventive maintenance due to charge cycles causing evaporation that require water replenishing. We highly recommend setting up a scheduled maintenance program with a local industrial battery sales and service provider.  There are other common issues like a module failure the can be repaired and replaced with some basic tools and minimal mechanical ability.  The major issue can be a bad drive unit, although not a common problem it does occur particularly on units that have not had proper maintenance.  

LPG Forklifts have significantly more moving parts that wear out and require more preventive maintenance and replacements.  Combustion engines cause noise pollution and harmful emissions but have the advantage of holding up against bad weather vs electric forklifts particularly in the rain. If your facility is open to the weather elements your better off with an LPG lift truck.