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Electric Forklift Safety Tips

Electric Forklift Safety Tips

Posted by Will Valdes/UPC America LLC on May 18th 2023

  1. Proper Training: Make sure all operators are appropriately trained and certified to operate the electric forklifts. This should include hands-on training, theory education, and a performance test.
  2. Inspect Equipment Regularly: Daily or pre-shift inspections should be performed. This includes checking the brakes, steering, controls, warning devices, mast, and tires.
  3. Proper Charging Procedures: Ensure that forklift batteries are charged at designated charging stations, which are well-ventilated and equipped with appropriate safety equipment like eyewash stations and fire extinguishers.
  4. Maintain Clear Visibility: Operators should always have clear visibility. If a load obstructs their view, they should drive in reverse or use a spotter to assist.
  5. Follow Load Capacity Guidelines: Overloading can make the forklift unstable. Always follow the manufacturer's load capacity guidelines.
  6. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Operators should wear necessary PPE like safety shoes, high visibility vests, and hard hats.
  7. Keep Tidy Work Environment: Keep aisles and work areas clear to avoid any unnecessary obstacles that may lead to accidents.
  8. Ensure Proper Maintenance: Regular maintenance checks should be scheduled with qualified technicians. Never operate a forklift that needs repairs.
  9. Avoid Hazardous Areas: Forklifts should not be operated in areas with flammable or explosive risks, unless they are specifically designed for such environments.
  10. Slow Down at Corners and Crossings: To avoid tipping over or colliding with pedestrians or other vehicles, operators should slow down at corners and crossings.
  11. Secure Loads Properly: Loads should be evenly distributed and securely fastened on the forks to prevent them from sliding off.
  12. Understand the Forklift's Center of Gravity: The stability of a forklift is determined by its center of gravity. Operators should understand the concept to prevent tip-overs.
  13. Maintain Adequate Battery Fluid Levels: Electric forklift batteries should always have the right fluid levels to prevent battery failure or damage.
  14. Emergency Preparedness: Workers and operators should know the emergency plan and how to respond in case of accidents or malfunctions.
  15. Adhere to Traffic Regulations: Within the facility, forklift operators should follow designated routes, abide by speed limits, and give right of way to pedestrians.
  16. Don't Allow Unauthorized Use: Forklifts should only be driven by trained and authorized operators. Never allow passengers on the forklift unless it's equipped with a secure seat.

Remember, safety should always be a priority. By following these tips, you can help to ensure a safer environment for everyone working with and around electric forklifts.