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Complete Packages Include Load Tested Battery and Charger 

Certified 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

Powerpack Batteries

Replacement Pallet Jack Batteries for Sale

Powerpack batteries are designed to reduce replacement costs on pallet jack and walkie stackers.  The 4 pack heavy duty enclosure is made in America and built to last, it can be purchased separately or in a complete package including 4 AGM or 4 Flooded batteries, charger, and all cables and connectors and a one year manufacturer warranty.  Trojan batteries are also covered under manufacturer warranty.  See minimum maintenance requirements on Flooded type batteries.

A unique feature in our modular enclosure design can interchange between pallet jack and stackers by simply moving the charger and charger cover from the top for pallet jacks to the side for stackers.  We ship the battery pack to your preference.



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