Electric Forklift Specialists

Complete Packages Include Load Tested Battery and Charger 

Certified 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

Why Buy Electric


  • /Users/guillermovaldes/Downloads/Global site tag.txtSave $6,300 on fuel for every truck, every year.
  • Cut maintenance costs by 40%.
  • Increase uptime and productivity.
  • Eliminate on-site emissions.
  • Maximize space utilization.
  • Create a cleaner, safer workplace.


Don’t get left behind.  See why converting to electric is the best choice for your business.


Powered by large, heavy lead-acid batteries, electric lifts typically provide enough power for one standard eight-hour shift or about 5 to 6 hours of continuous use. The two biggest advantages to this system are that it produces zero emissions, a necessity if the lift is operated indoors, and is highly economical in terms of fuel.  In fact, costing only 10% to 15% of an IC lift, electric models offer a substantially lower cost per hour-of-operation than any of the internal combustion lifts. That said depending on the efficiency of the charger you use and the cost of electricity in your area, a standard industrial battery can be recharged for about $3 per charge.